We always search for new possibility of jewellery design
and make our products without compromise.
It is a jewellery brand that thinks of female’s life style.
And the jewellery only for you
who would not be influenced by time easily.

as a day start with the sun, end with the moon,
Enasoluna would lighted to you up all the way like a ray of light
in the lively midsummer, like a moon light in the middle of the night,
Enasoluna give you a shining light on you.


Sada Mayumi

We want to make use of our antenna developed in modelling industry
to catch the trend as early as possible.

Through the craftsmanship with our original fashion sense
and the service event in the shop,we can reach the customers directly
so as to observe customers' recent needs and reflect them in the products.

We handle not only the products,
but also all the things related to the brand
such as the store design, display and catalogue.